Foodbank Futures

Three years ago, in a piece for Lacuna Magazine entitled ‘The Foodbank Dilemma’, I investigated the reasons behind the rapid rise of the Trussell Trust foodbank network across Britain. Three years on, I re-visited Britain’s foodbanks and spoke to the people who work and volunteer there to find out what had changed and what the future might hold in store. You can now read my latest article ‘Foodbank Futures‘.

What I found was that more people within the Trussell Trust Foodbank network are today asking questions about the causes of food poverty, and wondering about the role they are playing in efforts to make that situation better. But i also found that there are lots of different models being adopted by different foodbanks to tackle food poverty issues. It left me wondering whether it is possible to build a stronger consensus about the causes of food poverty, and how foodbanks should engage with those causes.

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